The Key Note of Everything to be SIMPLICITY

James Olsen is composing The Key Note of Everything to be SIMPLICITY for the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra to celebrate the 75th anniversary of D-Day in June 2019. The project will involve young people from south England performing alongside members of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and community musicians in a piece whose texts are all taken from sources about D-Day. Among these texts will be interviews which James has conducted with D-Day veterans at the Royal Alfred Seafarers' Society, including his grandfather. The title is taken from General Montgomery's one-page sketch for D-Day (which you can see here).

Watch James's vlog to learn more about the project:

How the project will work
We are still finalising the exact details, but we anticipate that the project will work as follows. James will compose a piece, the texts of which are all taken from sources about D-Day, to be performed by primary school and secondary school choirs together with an ensemble made up of members of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and amateur musicians. James will work closely with the primary and secondary schools in workshops where children will not only learn the music but also learn about D-Day. We hope that the children involved in the project will have a chance to meet D-Day veterans at the Royal Alfred. The project will also be documented through a series of YouTube videos produced by Olsen Verlag.

How you can support the project
We believe that this project will be of significant educational benefit not only to the children who participate, but also to the wider public who attend the performance, and view the video content produced online. The project is capable of generating media interest and we hope that it will be able to raise awareness and understanding of the significance of D-Day amongst a wide audience.

All contributions towards the project, both small and large, are hugely appreciated. By contributing as little as £10, you can be a patron of the project and see your name on the published score!

We are offering the following options and benefits for patrons:

Cadet patron (minimum donation: £10)
Midshipman patron (minimum donation: £50)
Lieutenant patron (minimum donation: £250)
Captain patron (minimum donation: £1,000)

More information will be appearing here and on the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra's website very shortly. In the meantime, to find out more about the project or if you have any questions, please get in touch here!