The Key Note of Everything to be SIMPLICITY: terms

James Olsen is writing a piece for the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra to commemmorate the 75th anniverary of D-Day. We (Olsen Verlag (UK) Limited) have arranged with James to organise fundraising for the project.

You are warmly invited to support the project. By submitting the webform and making a payment to us, you enter into the following agreement with us:
  1. We will use best endeavours to provide you with the benefits specified for your chosen patron level, as set out in the project webpage.
  2. For the avoidance of doubt, no contract is made between you and the orchestra, or James Olsen, but only with us. We are collecting payments and details of patrons, and will pass payments to the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. All the money you pay will be paid to the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.
  3. Your webform must be submitted and your payment must be received by us by 31 December 2018 to ensure that it can be included in the programme for the first performance.
  4. We very much hope that the commission will go ahead as planned but if due to unforeseen circumstances it does not, we will use best endeavours to arrange the return of your money.
  5. If you make a donation and subsequently wish to for it to be returned, we regret that this may not be possible.
  6. Your name, the amount of your contribution and any ‘commission text’ you specify will be made public unless you choose to make an anonymous donation.
  7. We will treat all other data which you submit confidentially, although we will share it with the orchestra and other third parties involved in the project as necessary.
  8. This agreement is governed in accordance with English law. The courts of England are to have jurisdiction to settle any dispute.