About our scores

Our goal is to produce affordable, high-quality scores.

What do you mean by 'affordable'?

Our prices are lower than the established music publishing houses because of our unique business model. By keeping our costs low, and only selling to musicians directly through our website, we can offer the best possible prices.

What do you mean by 'high-quality'?

Our critical performing editions are produced to the highest musicological standards. We are a team of musicologists and musicians with links to the University of Cambridge and every edition we produce is underpinned by up-to-date research. You can read more about how we edit our scores here.

Are the scores 'high-quality' in terms of printing?

Yes. Because we are a team of musicians, we know how annoying it is for a score not to stay on the music stand, to get crumpled up in your bag, or to be printed on shiny paper so the stage lights reflect off it and you can't read it during a concert. Our scores are printed on thick (120gsm) off-white paper, and has a slight texture to make it non-reflective under bright lights. The scores are bound in thicker (300gsm) card, which is highly durable.

You can find out more about our scores in the following video: