Sustainability policy

Olsen Verlag is deeply committed to sustainability. We are concerned about climate change and global warming, and want to make sure that our music-making is done in a way which is as friendly to the planet as possible.

We are currently developing a detailed sustainability policy. In the meantime, we would like to reassure you that:

  1. Our slow dispatch times are deliberately designed with sustainability in mind. In order to dispatch scores quickly, we would have to print large quantities which could go to waste. We think it is worth waiting a week or two for your beautiful score in order to ensure that no other scores are being wasted.
  2. All our scores are printed on FSC paper.
  3. All our scores are printed using vegetable inks.
  4. We have no office or physical premises other than James's garage, meaning that the environmental impact of our operations is very light.
  5. Our supply chain is local. Our scores are printed by our printer in Cambridge, UK, then shipped to our office in Ely, which is only 17 miles away, where they are then dispatched to you.