About us

Olsen Verlag is a classical music publishing company for the twenty-first century. Based in Cambridgeshire, UK, we publish high-quality, affordable printed scores of classical repertoire, while online we publish classical music journalism in our digital magazine, OV Opinion.

We publish music by our founder and house composer, James Olsen, and run projects involving the commissioning of new works by James, often with an educational or community element. We combine fundraising, digital communications and project management to provide a ‘one-stop shop’ for arts organisations wishing to work with us. Since our formation in 2017, hundreds of children and adult community musicians have participated in our work, and we have helped organisations secure over £70,000 in funding for these projects.

Our video production business, OV Productions, allows us to bring classical music to wider audiences, and to produce videos for external clients.

We are a social enterprise, and reinvest our profits in order to bring classical music to ever wider audiences. We believe that classical music of the highest quality can be performed and enjoyed by children and young people as much as adults, by community musicians as much as international professionals, by anyone with an open mind as much as seasoned experts.

We believe in classical music for everyone.