Join the Olsen Verlag Brain Bank and get free books!

We are looking for classical musicians, music students, young musicians and classical music lovers based in the UK to join the Olsen Verlag Brain Bank. We will be regularly giving away National Book Tokens to our Brains and offering other benefits to thank you for occasionally answering short surveys.

We are currently exploring new ways we can achieve our ultimate goal as a social enterprise of bringing classical music to wider audiences without relying on grants or donations. In the coming months we will occasionally need to conduct market research on these ideas, so by giving a few minutes of your time to the Brain Bank, you will be helping us hugely.

How it works

If you become one of our Brains, you will occasionally receive an email to tell you that there is a new questionnaire available to complete on our website. You are under no obligation to complete any of these surveys, but when you do, you will have a chance to win a UK book token worth £10. You will also get Brain Points and gradually become a bigger Brain!

Each questionnaire will end with a tiebreaker question, and the Brains who give the most amusing, imaginative and thoughtful answers will win the book tokens available. Are you up to the challenge?

Additional benefits

In addition to having the chance of winning book tokens, our Brains will receive special offers and invitations to Olsen Verlag events. Furthermore, the first 50 Brains to sign up will also receive free shipping on orders from our online shop for six months (terms apply: see below).

It doesn’t matter if you’re an international concert pianist, a GCSE music student, or just someone who enjoys listening to Schubert while doing the washing up: you just need to have an interest in classical music.

We very much hope that you will join us in the next stage in Olsen Verlag’s journey to bring music to everyone. Places are limited, so sign up now to be part of our Brain Bank.

If you would like to take part, please create an account on our website by clicking here. Once you have logged into your account, go to ‘My resources’, choose ‘Brain Bank’ and follow the instructions.

In order to limit numbers, applicants currently need to be referred by a friend who already belongs to the Brain Bank. Please ask your friend for their referral code so you can complete your application.

Brain Bank FAQs

What on earth are Brain Points?
You earn Brain Points for every survey you complete. The number of Brain Points varies depending on the length of the survey. The more surveys you complete, the more Brain Points you earn, and when you have earned a certain number, you are upgraded to the next level of Brain. They don’t count towards anything and are just for fun!

What are these Olsen Verlag special events?
Olsen Verlag has previously hosted drinks events for its patrons and supporters in 2017 and 2019 at premiere performances of works by our house composer and founder James Olsen. We hope to be able to do this again in 2021 and to invite our Brains. Clearly, the Covid-19 pandemic makes it difficult to plan such events at present, but we enjoy meeting our supporters and thanking them when we can.

Why do I have to be witty or imaginative to win?
We thought about just having a random draw for each survey, but we thought it would be more engaging to judge responses on their ingenuity. It’s good to get the old lemon humming.

I am the parent or guardian of someone aged under 18 who wishes to apply. Is this safe?
A lot of our work has a music education component, and we are experienced in working with children and young people. We are committed to safeguarding best practice and, even though as a private company we are not under a legal obligation to have a formal safeguarding policy, we are currently developing a policy. We are keen for young people to be involved in the Brain Bank because we believe the future of classical music depends on listening to young people and responding to a changing world. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

You say that you need to have an interest in classical music. What exactly do you mean by ‘classical music’?
We mean ‘classical music’ in the broad sense of ‘Western art music’, including everything from plainchant and Renaissance polyphony to music by contemporary classical composers working today.

How will my data be used? Should I be worried about privacy?
We completely understand concerns about privacy. To reassure you, we are conducting these surveys purely for our own market research. We will not sell your data to any third parties. Furthermore, we will anonymise your data before processing. Finally, we will use the data you submit only for market research purposes, not for marketing purposes. Your answers to the surveys are stored in a different part of our system from the information we have about your account. This means that we will not target marketing to you based on your survey responses. For more information, take a look at our privacy policy.


We (Olsen Verlag (UK) Limited) warmly invite you to join the Olsen Verlag Brain Bank (the Scheme).

By your submitting the webform application to the Scheme and by our accepting you application, you enter into the following agreement with us:
  1. No purchase is necessary to participate in the Scheme.
  2. Only UK residents can participate in the Scheme.
  3. Participants must be aged 13 or over. Applicants under 18 must have permission from a parent or guardian before applying, and we reserve the right to verify this permission.
  4. The Scheme is not open to Olsen Verlag employees, contractors or their families.
  5. You will have the opportunity to answer surveys under the Scheme. By completing a Scheme survey with reasonable care and diligence, you will be eligible to win a National Book Token worth £10.
  6. Some surveys may be targeted at people with specific experiences or interests. The survey will explain this and it may be that you are not able to complete every survey.
  7. All decisions to award National Book Tokens are made at our absolute discretion. We reserve the right not to award any National Book Tokens in respect of a particular survey if our systems identify that no responses to that survey were submitted with reasonable care and diligence.
  8. The first 50 applicants to be accepted onto the Scheme will be entitled to free standard shipping to UK addresses for orders placed on our online shop up to and including the date falling six calendar months after the date on which you were accepted onto the Scheme. Free shipping under this offer is limited to a maximum equivalent value of £50.
  9. Brain Points have no cash value.
  10. We reserve the right to terminate this agreement at our absolute discretion and without notice.
  11. We will use best endeavours to provide you with special offers and invitations to Olsen Verlag events.
  12. We will treat all data you provide through the Scheme in accordance with our privacy policy. Your data will be anonymised before processing.
  13. This agreement is governed by English law.
Updated 15 August 2020