Acer Smith


Acer works as a videographer as part of our video production team. When not working for OV, Acer is a percussionist and is studying to be a theatre technician.

Where’ve you come from and where are you going?

I'm studying Technical Theatre at West Suffolk College, with a view to working freelance with a focus on technical theatre and videography.

What’s your instrument or voice?

Predominantly I play percussion, but I also dabble in piano and, when required, sing bass in the OV choir.

What’s on your Spotify heavy rotation and in your vinyl collection?

A lot (and I mean a lot) of musical theatre. I reckon that's something to do with my job. I'm also partial to the odd sea shanty choir or barbershop quartet.

Tell us a quirky random fact about yourself.

My favourite snack to have at a midnight feast is porridge (with raisins of course).

Instagram @funkadelicmangosociety.