Tetsu Isaji


Tetsu works as a musicologist for OV, conducting research and writing as part of our editorial team. He also writes for OV Opinion.

When not working for OV, Tetsu is studying for an MPhil at the University of Cambridge, conducting research into eighteenth-century instrumental music supervised by Dr Bettina Varwig.

Where’ve you come from and where are you going?

I did my undergrad in music at the University of Oxford, and am now doing a postgraduate degree at the University of Cambridge. I plan to study harpsichord abroad after my MPhil.

What’s your instrument or voice?

I’m a harpsichordist and former oboist.

What’s on your Spotify heavy rotation?

Blandine Rannou’s recordings of Forqueray, Frédérick Haas’s recordings of Scarlatti, and Ic3peak albums.

Tell us a quirky random fact about yourself.

I’m very good at recovering stolen bikes and stopping bike thieves. If you lose a bike, call me within 15 mins and we can start searching!

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